About us

Iconic's storefront opened up in September 2014, when owner Michelle Battistelli and former owner Brooke Miller decided to make their dream a reality and opened up Iconic boutique. Iconic was founded by two members who bonded over their love for fashion and cheeseburgers. Opening a small business can be intense at times and in 2017 Michelle became sole owner of Iconic Boutique and moved to 617 LaSalle St.


Iconic is a small business located in Ottawa IL. In a hometown where many community events not only bring in the locals but out of town visitors as one. Iconic is for everyone. The moms, the daughters and the fashion followers. Our goal is to make every women feel proud, confident, and strong in her own skin (babes support babes) -- We are known for our unique and trendy styles. Iconic is a thriving small business and in 2020 our online website was created by our very own babe Taylor Hughes.


Iconic loves to communicate with our online followers, so make sure to check us out at our social media page: